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Mural on Castle Hill

As a resident of the Bronx, I often encounter random bits of street art, particularly graffiti, in any given direction. It adorns brick walls, rooftops, street poles, and even the side of our bridges. That’s not to say that the Bronx is the only borough that features graffiti; you’re just more likely to see it due to its prevalence.

Some say it complements the culture, while others despise it. Personally, I can’t help but feel slightly irked when noticing a fine-looking wall tagged with something along the lines of ‘GVR2,’ in a text style that’s second to Comic Sans. But then, you run into art that makes you stop in your tracks. Art that took longer than a minute to create, and is the product of a passionate individual putting his or her all onto a public canvas. That’s what you’ll find on FreeYorker’s street art section.

This weekend, I took a trip to a local bazaar, and noticed this mural for the very first time. For more than six years, the wall where this canvas is painted was nothing more than a gray wall, looking dry from the onset and clearly longing for color. The piece includes several elements, including the profile of a woman’s face and flowing hair, an owl, a time-keeping rabbit, and a bloody apple, among other features.

As with many of the pieces you’ll see on FreeYorker, we’re not quite sure of the creative mind behind this mural, but we aim to get in touch and interview the artist once we find out.  Photos of this mural were taken on February 24th, and you can see it for yourself on the corner of Castle Hill Ave and Cincinnatus in The Bronx.

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