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Catch Colbie Caillat Live!

Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-Winning artist Colbie Caillat will be performing at the MLB Fan Cave, for a special holiday show, next week! This should get the venue packed extremely quickly, so we encourage you to get there early in the day. 

About this artist

Armed simply with her dusky vocals and acoustic guitar, Colbie Caillat and her homespun music continue to resonate with listeners and win new fans. Little more than a year after the release of her nearly double platinum debut album “CoCo,” Caillat has so quickly made such an enduring impact that USA Today declared the California girl a vital part of “a new wave of troubadours luring fans of all ages into a peaceful, easy feeling.” The national newspaper puts her in the company of other platinum plus artists like Sara Bareilles, Caillat’s musical hero Jack Johnson, and her good friend and duet partner, Jason Mraz.

As Caillat told USA Today, “[my] songs are optimistic and bright. I grew up in southern California and Hawaii. The lifestyle was laid back and I listened to mellow, positive music, like Bob Marley and Jack Johnson. So I think that’s all inside me. I’m happy, and that gets expressed in my music.”

About the MLB Fan Cave

Major League Baseball’s MLB Fan Cave is an immersive fan experience taking place in New York City. It is the home office to the 2012 MLB Fan Cave Opening Day nine Cave Dwellers, who will begin the season in the MLB Fan Cave, watch every single MLB game each day, chronicle their experience via social media, and compete with each other along the way for the right to stay in the MLB Fan Cave through the World Series. The nine “Cave Dwellers” – Ashley Chavez, Benjamin Christensen, Lindsay Guentzel, Shaun Kippins, Gordon Mack, Ricardo Marquez, Ricky Mast, Eddie Mata and Kyle Thompson – come to New York after beating out more than 22,000 applicants.

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