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Dog & Pony Show: Eat Everything

Were back for another night of glutton and excess with none other than Bristol’s crowned jewel, EATS EVERYTHING! No words can describe how excited we are to bring him to New York for the very first time. You have undoubtably heard his music at our parties (and everyone elses) over the last two years, and finally you can hear it from the big man himself. Bookending the night will be Tiki-disco’s unemployed LLoyd the OG disco don along w/ resident Paul Raffaele.

About The Dog & Pony Show

Dog and Pony are the mischievous main characters at our festive monthly music function. Other regular characters include nerds, pranksters, rock stars, porn stars, hipsters, and party animals in their natural habitat. Episodes will cover important themes such as Techno, House, Disco, Acid, Electro and beyond. Join the millions who are already religious followers! Visit the official site

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