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The post-launch re-lauch

Freeyorker went live back in December and in that time it’s been seen by hundreds of individuals. While the site remains live, we’re well aware that there haven’t been many notable updates to the site since this time. In fact, we have less then a hundred event listings on the site.

The original launch of the site was simply a test. The goal was to see how people interacted with the pages, measure how much time was spent on each event page, analyze what was searched for, and give our social marketing small test runs to see what worked best. We’re happy to announce that the test is over.

Since then, we’ve been planning, planning, and planning some more. Not only will you see more consistent updates on the site, starting in March–you’ll see a slew of new features on the site. You may already notice several cosmetic changes, such as the search bar moving to the top, changes in color, the addition of  current weather conditions, and other changes that make a huge difference in the overall ascetics of the site. There have also been many improvements to the backend, so you’ll browse around the site with less waiting.

We’re well aware of the dozens of other websites that cater to a similar audience, and we appreciate what they provide. In fact, we hope to work with them in the future. With that said, FreeYorker aims to differentiate itself.

Not only will be provide you with detailed information about free events, concerts, deals, open bars, screenings, and specific places–we ultimately strive to provide you with completely original content. What’s original content? It comes down to stuff you can’t find anywhere else. It’s content that unites and inspires. We want to zoom into New York City with a disturbingly ginormous magnifying glass, and capture what makes this city and it’s people the best around. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do; save for the ridiculously large magnifying glass.

This year, FreeYorker will grow. We’ll build new partnerships and dive head-first into the community. This is just the beginning, and it should be a fun ride. We plan on launching several new features in the near future. We can’t speak of what these new features entail, but we promise you might love us for it.

Thanks for your time, and for visiting. Watch this space for more!

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