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Largest Harlem Shake in NYC

Over the course of the last three days, a new trend has taken the web by storm. That’s right, folks, it’s the Harlem Shake! We’re not talking the old school dance; this is a new breed that takes things to a level beyond “WTF.” Someone by the name of Eno Rebmun Eeyolpme has set up an event on Facebook, and his mission is to spark the biggest, best, and most ridiculous 31 second “Harlem Shake” video the world has ever seen.

What better place to create this than New York City’s Times Square? Well, there’s always space, but that’s beyond the point. Be sure to make it down to Times Square with your friends, silly props, umbrellas, body suits, and rubber horse heads. We encourage you to take this to the next level of ridiculous.


1. Go to the Times Square TKTS booth, with the lighted red stairs, at 7:30PM.

2. If you see the man rocking the welding helmet (below), you’re at the right place.

NOTE: The portion of the video with just the single helmeted figure dancing will be shot before anyone arrives. You won’t have to worry about changing into your costume. You can show up already wearing it, or be ready and wearing it by 7:33 pm.



 7:30 pm – ARRIVE IN THE DANCING AREA NO LATER THAN 7:30 PM. This is an in and out operation. We need to be quick.

7:32 pm – By this time you should have picked a spot within the highlighted dancing area (See above). Be sure that you are able to see the cameraman or welder.

7:33 pm – The cameraman will WAVE TWO ORANGE GLOWSTICKS and the welder will begin dancing! THIS IS YOUR CUE TO DANCE! DANCE LIKE YOU’RE A MANIAC! MANIAC (on the floor)!! **count to 20 in your head and then stop dancing!** Or stop dancing when you see the welder stop dancing.

7:33.30 pm – Go home. Drink tea.



There won’t be any music playing while we’re out in Times Square so be sure to listen to the song and engrain it’s wonderful melodies into your brain before hand.

And finally, the video will be uploaded the same night that we finish shooting.



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